She Needs Our Help

April 15, 2010
As anyone who has been through this situation knows the costs of attorneys. I was speaking with a woman that went through a huge custody battle over her 2 children with her exhusband and it ended up costing her over $31,000.
We do not have that kind of money to fight someone that seems to have endless amounts or access to money.
Please help!
April 10, 2010
I am setting up this blog in hopes that people will respond with encouraging words, links to assist, or with helping hands. I am asking for help; emotionally, physically, and financially. Please read the rest of her story.
My daughter, who is such an incredible person and mother, is being rail-road by her ex-husband. I am asking and pleading for help for her. We cannot fight this battle on our own any longer.
My daughter has recently had a birthday where she turned 29 and instead of being happy and celebrating the joys of her life; she is being harassed, and bullied to the point to where she feels like she is loosing a battle for custody of her 5 year old son. She has been investigated, watched by private investigators and is now becoming bankrupted due to his actions against her.
She was divorced from a man a year and a half ago. This man had the affair on her, and is now married to this woman. This woman is much older than my daughter and her ex-husband, but has money. The divorce was finalized in mediation and just days after this he began threatening her with modification. He may feel that he 'lost' the divorce. The custody was set 50/50 with him paying a minor child support payment of $158 a month. The threats went empty until this year.
My daughter is a single mom, going to a big university, purchasing her own home and working on being a better provider for herself and for her son. He is using these as reasons as to why HE thinks she cannot provide or be a stable enough parent to care for her son. He is also stating that since she is living on minor assistance from Health and Welfare that he sould be granted full custody since he is remarried and has more income.
She is in this postion due to his actions; he caused her to be a single mother. She is all of these things because of him. And he wont stop for anything until he ruins it all for her. She refuses to be like a person whom is 35 on a 3rd marriage, or like a sibling whom is 39 and on her 7 marriage. These type of people move onto their next victim leaving their past ones in ruins.

He may have manipulated a medical cheap viagra to file a case with child protective services to get her investigated. This medical cheap cialis examined my grandson for physical and sexual abuse based on his testimony. This man may have put a 5 year old boy through an exam for sexual abuse for no reason but maybe to get that doctor to do his dirty work. When my daughter called this medical doctor to find out why the medical doctor said that she had a responsibility to file the complaint based on the information that was given to her. It the letter from the doctor she was detailed in stating things like: the 'father is concerned', or the 'father believes'. This doctor is a neighbor of the ex-husband and probably goes to the same LDS church as him and his new wife. When CPS did their investigation on my daughter and her son they couldn't find anything and stated that they will be closing the case against her soon. The medical doctor stated the reasons behind her actions were a result of what she was being fed, but doesn't see any medical concerns with the child.
The new wife does taxes and has her CPA license. I would bet my life on that they were the ones that filed papers with the IRS and submitted them pretending to be my daughter. Causing her to be investigated by the IRS. She is now having to battle with the IRS about her first time home owner credit.
I do not know what else this man has done. This man will not stop. This man will keep going until we all band together and say enough is enough. He is trying to break my daughter; emotionally, physically, financially, and make her have to drop out of college.
We had lunch today and she told me that he can make her sell everything, but he cannot take her soul. She refuses to break. Please help her in her fight. If you can send her just $5, and then pass this on to someone else that can send her $5. This is going to help her with attorney fees, and help her to stay in her own home. A house that she on her own turned into a home for her and her 5 year old son. Prayers will also be accepted. :)
Thank You, and God Bless.
The address to give donations to:
Attn: Loiness Protecting Her Cub
9398 Martingale Dr
Boise, Idaho 83709
To her attorney in her name
Larry Dunn c/o Brenda Hodges
619 West Grove
Boise, Idaho 83702

FAQ on working for the EU

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Many of you have sent us specific questions and comments about how confused you were with the different types of categories and contracts on offer by the EU and as a result, were not sure about the different conditions involved.

All EU permanent officials are selected by means of open competitions that are published in the Official Journal of the European Union and on the EPSO web site :

EPSO cannot consider any applications or CVs that are submitted outside the framework of an official competition. All relevant information about recruitment for the EU institutions can be found on the EPSO web site.

In addition, the EU institutions also take on a limited number of temporary and auxiliary staff as well as a few agency staff on a fixed-term contract. By 30 April 2006, it was envisaged that temporary and auxiliary staff contracts would be replaced by new type of contracts, and non-permanent staff known as contractual agents.

What do current temporary agents in the Commission do?

Temporary agents may be employed to perform a wide variety of tasks, within one of the following categories:
(a) for non-standard (highly specialised jobs) or temporary tasks;
(b) to make up for staff shortages in cases where competition reserve lists have been exhausted ;
(c) for Commissioners' private offices ('cabinets');
(d) for specific requirements in the scientific sector.

As a temporary agent in type (d), you could work in one of the various research centres set up by the EU to promote research and to manage European framework programmes for research and development. As a temporary agent in type (c), you could work in the private office of a Commissioner during their term in office.
Temporary agents in types (a) and (b) can be employed to do a wide variety of work, essentially the same kind of work as permanent Commission officials. However, this depends on factors such as the temporary needs of the Commission and the situation with regard to filling vacant posts.

Where can I find out about temporary agent posts?

If a Directorate-General wants to recruit a temporary agent for a highly-specialised job or temporary task (type a), they will send the job notice and the profile of the person they are looking to recruit to the Permanent Representations of the Member States and also publish it on the EPSO website. They may also publish the vacancy on their own DG website; so it is worth checking these sites regularly if there is a particular DG where you would particularly like to work.
You can also apply to be a temporary agent by introducing your details into the EU CV online database (or the ELSA database, if you are interested in the research field).

Once you have been recruited as a temporary agent, you will be graded according to the type of post you occupy, and your previous professional experience.
Although the rules on the length of initial contracts and subsequent contract extensions vary, as a rule, temporary agents in types (a), (b) and (d) may be hired by the Commission for a maximum period of six years and temporary agents who work in Commissioner's private offices are hired for a duration linked to the mandate of their Commissioner.
Temporary agents take part in the annual staff appraisal system that applies to permanent officials.

Your salary, benefits, and working conditions as a temporary agent are essentially the same as those of permanent officials. This covers the range of family allowances (including expatriation allowance), social security benefits such as medical insurance and pensions (pension rights are accumulated on the same basis as permanent officials), tax conditions, family-related leave, annual leave and working hours. Find out more in the section Permanent Officials.
As a temporary agent you may also be entitled to a temporary unemployment allowance, when your contract expires. For more information see Title 2 (Temporary Agents) in the Conditions of employment of other servants of the European Communities.

For more specific information please see the Staff Regulation of Officials of the European Communities link below;

The Commission employs staff on a temporary basis, mainly for secretarial work, on short term contracts through temping agencies.

Start People Rue Montoyer, 40B-1000 BruxellesTel : 02/234.64.20Fax : 02/234.64.29
E-mail :

Vedior Rue Montoyer, 41B-1000 BruxellesTel.
E-mail :

Unique Avenue des Arts, 57 AB-1000 BruxellesTel.
E-mail :

Luxembourg ;
VEDIOR Interim 5 place de la Gare L-1616 Luxembourg Tel.

ADECCO 26 place de la GareL-1616 LuxembourgTel.

MANPOWER 44, route d'Esch L-1470 LuxembourgTel.

Specific questions on CAST25/27 as a contract agent;

I'm in the CAST 25 database; am I obliged to participate also in CAST 27?

If a candidate is already in the database of CAST 25, the validity of which continues to the end of the three years, he/she is not obliged to participate in the CAST 27 selection but may do so even in a different profile and function group; in this case, successful candidates will be listed under 2 different profiles.

What type of contract can I expect?

There are two sub-categories of contract agent;

The first covers those who are hired to work:- in Commission Directorates-General and all other Institutions to do manual or administrative support-service tasks (Function Group I) ; - in Commission Offices attached to a Directorate-General, such as the two Offices for Infrastructure and Logistics in Brussels and Luxembourg and the Paymasters Office; - in Agencies; - in Commission Representations and Delegations. As a contract agent of this type (contract staff "3a") you would enjoy longer-term employment prospects, with an initial contract running for a maximum period of five years and renewable for a maximum of five years. The contract can be converted into a contract of indefinite duration.

The second sub-category covers contract agents that can be hired to work in Commission's DGs and other Institutions dealing with other tasks than manual and administrative support tasks (contract staff "3b"). That is to say, they are recruited:- temporarily to replace officials absent due to illness, maternity leave, etc.; - as a response to acute staff shortages at times of intense work pressure; - to undertake work for a temporary period providing additional capacity in specialised fields where officials with the required skills are not available. As a contract agent of this type, you would have short-term employment prospects, working on the basis of contracts running up to a maximum of three years. The minimum length of contract is three months.

Can a contractual position lead automatically to permanent employment?

No. Permanent recruitment is only possible via open competitions.

Is there a quota system for recruiting candidates of each Member State?

There is no national quota system for European civil servants, but the Institutions aim to recruit a broad geographical balance among the different Member States.

All contracts offered are managed directly by the Institutions, services or agencies concerned on a case- by-case basis and they are independent from the Office’s activities and principle mission.


Constantly check the EPSO website for all the latest calls for open competitions in order to get as organised as possible.

Preparatory courses
Member States - via their Permanent Representation office or other relevant organisation within their home country - sometimes organise courses aimed at training EU nationals for the European Institutions' open competitions. These courses are the sole responsibility of the Member State/accession country concerned and are entirely independent of the Selection Office.

All information given is provided in the following external links;

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